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short term rental (STR) rules, laws, and regulations

The Rules and Regulations for STRs in Nashville are commonly misunderstood, especially by out of state investors. Here, we try to clear up the confusion. As always, if you have additional question, feel free to reach out directly.

BL2019-78: Distance Requirement for Non-Owner Occupied STRPs

UPDATED 2/18/2020: bill has been deferred to Metro Council public hearing March 3, 2020.

BL2019-78, sponsored by Colby Sledge, adds a minimum distance requirement for any new non-owner occupied STRP permit. This bill states that "no new STRP permit shall be issued to an applicant whose location is less than one hundred feet from a religious institution, a school or its playground, a park, or a licensed day care center or its playground." 


STATUS OF REVIEW At the January 16, 2020, Planning Commission meeting, the Planning Commission asked staff for additional research regarding the proposal. The Commission specifically asked for the following: 

• analysis of how many eligible properties would be affected 

• where STR’s are currently allowed in relation to the uses outlined 

• locations of sensitive uses 

• current infractions with their relationship to those distances and focus on future eligible properties.

Non-STR Zoning Bill

UPDATE 2/18/2020

UPDATED 2/18/20: The bill passed into law on third reading at Metro Council on 2/18/20 affecting nashville airbnb properties.

Original Post:

The non-STR zoning bill has been progressing through the legislative process. (Need a refresher of how a bill becomes a law? We’ve got you covered.)  The bill is returning to Metro Council for its third and final reading on Tuesday, February 18, 2020.

Understanding the Bill

Owner Occupied Bill

UPDATED 2/13/2020

Original post:

UPDATED 2/13/20: The substitute bill passed at Planning Commission on 2/13/20 (as written in the Planning Commission Staff Report).

The bill will return to Metro Council for a public hearing (second reading) on March 5, 2020. (Rescheduled from March 3 due to Election Day.)

For the full story and more information, visit:


rm20 bill update

Bill BL2019-1633 Passes on 3rd Reading

On 8/20/2019, the city passed BL2019-1633 (the RM bill). It bans any new non-owner-occupied permits in RM zones and goes into effect January 2022. Anyone w/a permit at that time can continue to renew in perpetuity, but there is no transfer of the permit allowed (an amendment was introduced by Council Members Henderson, Hagar, and Johnson that struck the transfer language from the bill). Anyone purchasing a property with RM zoning after January 2022 will not be able to get a permit. This will greatly adversely affect the value of those properties. 

What this also does, in my opinion, is it increases the value of any property that has zoning that allows it to be a non-owner-occupied STR. I would expect the prices of those properties to go up simply based on simple supply and demand.

See a full recap of the bill on NASTRA’s website. 

BL2019-1633 RM bill passed in Nashville Metro Council on 3rd Reading 08/20/19

BL2019-1633 RM bill passed in Nashville Metro Council on 3rd Reading 08/20/19

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